ramp upの意味と使い方


ramp upという動詞は「強める」や「強化」するという意味になります。「ramp up」はビジネス英語でよく使われています。たとえば、工場で生産を増やしたい時に「ramp up」と言えます。

We need to start ramping up production to prepare for Christmas!

After 9/11, security was ramped up in airports.

The company decided to ramp up its IT service capabilities.

ramp-up periodともたまに耳にします。そのフレーズの意味は起動時です。

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  • Glad to find this site.
    May I suggest that “ramp up” has a strong correlation with the oil refinery industry?
    Can it mean ” to start drilling up” oil?

  • Hi,Luke
    The phrasal verb:” ramp up ” for production has also the opposit meaning by adding the preposition of ” down ” after a word of ” rump “.
    The transformation of ” ramp up ” is the noun of “ramp-up” which means “a Large increase” in Business English.
    So,I mean ” ramp up ” is primarily used about “manufacturer”.
    ・”manufacturER” (noun) = ” a company that produces goods in Large numbers”.
    * For example:” computer manufacturer ”
    “manufacturE” differs from ” “manufacturER” .
    ・”manufacturE” (verb) = ” to produce goods in Large numbers, usually in a factory using machines ”
    * For example:” manufacturing companies “

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