こんにちは、イギリス生まれ・東京在住、英語教師で作家のLukeです。今週、僕が書いたオノマトペ(擬態語・語音後)についての本 が出版されました。是非チェックしてみて下さい!

「certificate」は証明書という意味になります。これは法律上の証明書、例えば出生証明書を意味する「birth certificate」と商品券を意味する「gift certificate」です。また、コースを受けた時に「certificate」をもらいます。大学を卒業した時には、「certificate」より「diploma」をもらいます。

Do you have a medical certificate that I can see?

Happy birthday! We bought you a gift certificate.

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  • Hi Luke,
    As for ‘birth certificate’,I heard that an
    American had to speech ‘ we have no
    Documentation and Paperwork,so that we do not know where people came from in US.’.
    US has around few hundreds years of its
    Meanwhile,Japan has 10,000 years of its history.
    So,I wonder all US people were immigrants,so that they have not had convention to prove their origins of blood.
    Does UK have the convention for ‘birth
    By the way,a word ‘Certificate'( i.e. countable noun, /səˈtɪfɪkət/, not /səˈtɪfɪkeit/ ) is an official document and used for also corporation.
    Then ‘ Certificate of Incorporation’ is often used as its title for the document officially.
    Incorporation ( i.e. uncountable noun ) means the act of creating a legally recognized company in Business Englisgh.
    Therefore,’ Certify ‘( i.e. verb ) is also used in the official document.
    ‘Certify’ is used as like phrasal verb ‘ hereby certify that ‘ on it.
    Moreover,the significant point is not described even according to Oxford online.
    Because,’ Incorporation ‘ does not mean only creating a ‘ Company ‘.
    So,if we understand the meaning ‘ Certificate of Incorporation’ ,we have to understand below.
    If it means just a ‘ creating Company ‘legally,a word ‘ Company ‘ does not have sense that it has ‘ a Corporate Body’.
    ‘ Corporate ‘ is not just an adjective.
    ‘ Corporate ‘ has also the specialist meaning that ‘ forming a Corporation ‘.
    Then,’ Certificate of Incorporation’ has the sense that the Company is a Corporate Body.
    Ultimatly,’ Certificate of Incorporation ‘ is the official document to prove that the company has a corporate body legally.
    The previous explanation and even a phrase ‘ corporate body ‘ are not described in almost Japanese-Engish dictionaries correctly,too.
    Additionally,it seems those were not written by Japanese or also somebody from native speeker’s countries. And,insted of the correct
    explanations,they want to implant in the people using a dictionary a sense of false image
    manipulation which is like these words for only school children.OMG.I’ve never met children and also adults who understand the previous things.
    Anyway,to open experience in reality is really important to understanding many things truly inclued English learning over dictionaries for false image manipulation.
    Moreover,you introduced also any other online tools of the good way to learning English on your web site.
    Nowadays,I have more great tools included your web site for correct and deeper learning English than before.Thanks so much!

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