are you?、have you?、do you?のクイズ


ネイティブは質問をする時には「are you?」、「have you?」、「do you?」をよく文末につけます。正しいフレーズを選ぶのは難しいと思うので、今回これらの質問についてのクイズ を作りました。

  1. You aren’t from around here, ….?
  2. You haven’t taken a day off, …..?
  3. You aren’t still angry at me, …..?
  4. You aren’t forty four, …..?
  5. You don’t like natto, …..?
  6. You haven’t been to Hokkaido, ……?
  7. You aren’t going to Hokkaido, ……?
  8. You don’t know them, ……?
  9. You don’t drink, …..?
  10. You haven’t got an eraser, …….?

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  • In writing, tag question is easy because we can think and check the grammar point,
    however, speaking without script, these kinds of tag questions are very difficult.
    Because some sentences can’t catch the words and phrases.
    When I’m in this kind of situation, I answer the feeling and gesture.
    Someday, I want to communicate fluency.

    • Hey Totorin,
      That’s a good point. I suppose when you just look at the questions it is quite easy, but when it comes to actually using them during everyday conversation it is quite hard to remember everything.

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