TOEICのクイズ 1



  1. The cows … been herded into the field.
  2. The new law will ensure growth in the space sector…
  3. My friend was promoted yesterday and is looking forward to … new responsibilites.
  4. This year the Japanese market … for 10% of our sales.
  5. My boss said that he wants the conference … next week.
  6. Make sure that all the invoices got … in time.
  7. Health care workers have launched a new … to promote better hygeine in swimming pools.
  8. Revenue from the company … by 16%.
  9. Hardly … of the customers liked the new product.
  10. Only…of the parts arrived on time.


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  • Hi! I’m happy to see your new article.
    But on my iPhone now I can’t try…
    BTW, maybe 関わっている is a bit strange I think.
    You can say 関する .
    関わる→関係をもつ 「その男は事件に関わっています。」
    What do you think?

  • 僕はクイズで遊びました!
    たいへん難しくてすぐGame Overになりました! lol
    クリアを目指してworking hardしたいとおもいます 😀

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