戦争に関しての英語  軍事用英語

潜水艦 ; せんすいかん; submarine ; submerge water warship ;
火薬; かやく; gunpowder; fire medicine ;
; とりで; fort; fort ;
将軍 ; しょうぐん ; general ; leader army ;
天守; てんしゅ; keep ;
天守閣 てんしゅかく keep
初陣 ういじん first battle, first foray
櫓 やぐら watchtower, tower
鎧 よろい armor
対決 たいけつ confront, showdown
拳銃 けんじゅう pistol
兵器 へいき weapons, arms, ordinances
12時方向 ; 12 O Clock ; ;;
狙撃 ; そげき ; sniping ; aim at beat ;
発砲 ; はっぽう ; discharge of a gun;
カブト かぶと helmet for armor
タテ たて shield
籠手コテ こて gauntlet
脇差ワキザシ わきざし Japanese close-quarter sword
刀工 とうこう Japanese sword making
刀 かたな Japanese samura sword
日本刀ニホントウ にほんとう Japanese sword
軍刀グントウ ぐんとう Japanese war swords
サヤ さや scabbard
航空コウクウ母艦ボカン こうくうぼかん aircraft carrier
空軍クウグン くうぐん airforce
被爆者ヒバクシャ ひばくしゃ those who survived atomic bombs
原爆ゲンバク げんばく atomic bomb
捕虜ホリョ ほりょ prisoner of war
軍隊グンタイ ぐんたい armed forces
階級カイキュウ かいきゅう rank
陸上リクジョウ自衛ジエイグン りくじょうじえいぐん Japanese Ground Defense Force
海上カイジョウ自衛ジエイグン かいじょうじえいぐん Japanese Naval Defense Force
航空コウクウ自衛ジエイグン こうくうじえいぐん Japanese Air Defense Force
下士官 かしかん non-comissioned officer
一等兵 いっとうへい private
上等兵ジョウトウヘイ じょうとうへい private first class
士長 しちょう leading private, corporal
軍曹グンソウ ぐんそう seargant
准尉 じゅんい chief warrant officer
士官シカン しかん military officer
少尉ショウイ しょうい second lieutenant
中尉チュウイ ちゅうい first lieutenant
大尉タイイ たいい captain
スク しょうさ major (wing commander,
lieutenant commander)
中佐チュウサ ちゅうさ lietenant colonel
大佐タイサ たいさ colonel
少将ショウショウ しょうしょう major general (rear
admiral, air commodore)
中将チュウジョウ ちゅうじょう lietenant general
大将タイショウ たいしょう general admiral
元帥ゲンスイ げんすい field marshal, admiral of the fleet,
marshal fo the airforce
軍事グンジ戦略センリャク ぐんじせんりゃく military tactics
ナイトビジョン night vision
射程シャテイ しゃてい range of a rifle
大砲タイホウ たいほう artillery
カノン砲 ほう canon
マスケット銃 musket
銃剣ジュウケン じゅうけん a bayonet
突撃トツゲキ とつげき an assault
弾薬ダンヤク だんやく ammunition
火器カキ かき firearm
弾丸ダンガン だんがん bullets
発射ハッシャ はっしゃ firing, shooting
撃墜ゲキツイ げきつい shooting down an aircraft
砲撃ホウゲキ ほうげき bombardment
武器ブキ ぶき weapons (smaller hand-held)
兵器 へいき weapons (larger machine-type)
戦闘セントウ せんとう battle, combat
作戦サクセン さくせん military operation
タタカいの原則ゲンソク たたかい  げんそく principles of battle
打撃ダゲキ だげき a strike, a blow
白兵戦ハクヘイセン はくへいせん close combat
破壊ハカイ はかい destruction
陣地ジンチ じんち an encampment, a position
奇襲キシュウ きしゅう a surprise attack

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  • Hi Luke,
    ‘Ordinance’ just means an order or a rule made by a government,right?
    By the way,I’ll try to describe my thought about war in English.
    We are living in peaceful time at the moment.
    Have you appreciated it?
    If somebody have never appreciated this peaceful time at the moment,I think it is guilty.
    Because,it is the source of war.
    I am a great peaceful person.
    And,I think you are so.
    Because,if both you and me had not been peaceful persons,each of us could not live in peaceful time. So,both you and me don’t have any kinds of guilty at all at the moment.
    On the other hand,there might be some people who don’t want to understand it.They hate us because you and me are so peaceful personality.Then,they envy us. From time to time,they might take aim you and come close to you to implant you a sense of wickedness and guilt over the war in once upon a time. They might also tell you enemies are right here and over here,so that you should think I am your enemy and I should think you are my enemy.But,where is war? The war had already ended before we were born.
    How many times have wars caused since human
    beings had appeared in this earth?
    Everyone bear no responsibility for any wars that it happened before our time.
    We should shut down somebody hate-sales people using war and appreciate people with peace of mind.
    By the way,I read some articles on your web site and guess you could have interested in something invisible. I’ve found some articles which seem to be relative to war below.
    “In The War of the Sons of Light Against the Sons of Darkness, one of the Dead Sea scrolls, Belial is the leader of the Sons of Darkness:”
    “You 11 made Belial for the pit, angel of enmity; in darkness is his domain, his counsel is to bring about wickedness and guilt.
    All the spirits 12 of his lot are angels of
    destruction, they walk in the laws of darkness; towards it goes their only desire.”
    Belial is evil and has his army to battle using humanbeing.It was written in ‘ Dead Sea Scrolls’.
    Both the light and the darkness have found
    us,which way should we choose?

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