「a little」と「a few」のクイズ


こんにちは、イギリス生まれ・東京在住、英語教師で作家のLukeです。今週、僕が書いたオノマトペ(擬態語・語音後)についての本 が出版されました。是非チェックしてみて下さい!

a little と a few の使い分けが分かりますか? この英単語を正しく使えるかどうか試してみてください! Good luck.

  1. I’ve got a … friends in New York.
  2. I’ve got a … money tonight, so let’s go to the bar.
  3. I’ve got a … ideas about how to solve the problem.
  4. I’ve got a … time tonight. You want to go out?
  5. I can speak a … English.
  6. I only write a … emails a week.
  7. We had a … rain this morning.
  8. I made a … mistakes on the test, but I think I passed.
  9. Let’s go outside for a … fresh air.
  10. There are a … new restaurants since you came here last.

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  • ※a little
    I can speak English a little.
    ※a few
    I can speak a few words of English.

  • Writing で出されると、これは数えられるから、これはだめだから、
    とわかるのですが、speaking しゃべりで、とっさのときには

    • Hi Totorin,
      Speaking is usually more difficult than writing. You are right. It is really hard to juggle all the different things that you need to think about when you are speaking. I suppose it just takes time.

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