Could you please…. という英文構文の解説  ネイティブが書いた例文と音声ファイルもあります。



  • 「please」はより丁寧にしたい時に任意で使います。
  • 「Could you please ….. ?」は基本的に質問ですが、機能的には、質問としても命令としても使えます。
  • 多くの場合は、「you」を使いますが、他の代名詞でも可能です。「they」や「he]などの代名詞がくる場合は、聞き手がその人達の責任者であることが多いです。例えば、うるさい子供がいるとします。このとき、そのお母さんに「could he please be quiet?」と言うことになるでしょう。また、相手が責任者ではない場合は、「could … please」という表現より他の言い方のほうがいいと思います。例えば、「I think that they should…」などです。

1. Could you please remember to flush the toilet?
意味 トイレを流すのを忘れないで下さい。

2. Could you please tell me your name?
意味 名前を教えて貰えますか?

3. Could you please please me!
意味 僕を喜ばせて下さい!


4. Could you help me get the bags out of the car?
意味 荷物を車から取り出すのを手伝って貰えますか?

5. Could you please tell me why you are such an idiot?
意味 どうしてあんたはそんなに馬鹿なの? どうか教えてほしいわ。

6. Could they please turn the music down?
意味  彼らは音楽を小さくして貰えないかな?

7. Could John please be quiet for a bit?
意味 ジョンちゃんを少し静かにしてもらえませんか?

8. Could I please be quiet? Yeah. I could. But I won’t!
意味  俺に黙れって? うん、黙れるさ、でも俺は絶対黙んねぇ!

9. Could you please tell me the way to the station?
意味  駅への道を教えていただけますか?

10. Could you help me figure out what to do?
意味  僕が何をするべきか決めるのを助けて貰える?


こんにちは、筆者のLuke Tunnicliffeです。僕はアメリカとイギリスのハーフで、現在東京で翻訳の仕事をしています。生まれてから13年間をイギリスで過ごし、アメリカに越して11年間生活をした後日本に来ました。イギリス、アメリカ、日本で経験した様々なことをこのサイトに生かし、皆さんにお届けしたいと思っています。日本人の人柄と和食、そして日本語が好きなのでまだまだ日本にいるつもりです!皆さんこれからもよろしくお願いします。 新着記事を読みたい方は、ぜひ英語 with Lukeをフォローして下さいね。

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  • Requiem says:

    Thank you so much! 🙂
    I made a recording your sentences for my learning.

  • Sato Megumi says:

    Luke san
    Thank you so much! “could you please”is very useful.
    I started to use this sentence a lot after I saw this article.
    your blog is so useful practically.thank you.
    and if it’s possible,could you please explain the difference among “be going to”and “will” and “be doing” in your article or here?
    I learn future tense when I was in junior high,but still I can’t really use it correctly.
    If I missed the article about this kinds,Im sorry.

    • Luke says:

      Hi Sato-san,
      It’s great to hear that you are starting to use “could you please” more often now. Thanks a lot for your suggestion for a new article. I made a note of it, and I will get on to it as soon as I have some time.

  • Sato Megumi says:

    Hi Luke san
    Thanks a lot for your response.
    It would be very helpful if I can read that article in your blog.
    your explanation’s easier to understand for me.
    I hope I can use future tense exactly someday.
    Thank you.
    Best Regards,

  • kazuppe says:

    Thank you for posting this article.

  • Satoko says:

    Hi Luke-san, thank you for your wonderful artile.
    I’ve been wondering when and how I should be using “kindly” instead of “please.” Could you give me an insight?

  • ★Mika says:

    Hi Luke,
    I and my friend came back from traveling overseas recently.It was the great travel.
    However, there was a little happening below this time :
    When we went on board a plane,another passenger sat on my friend’s seat before we reached at a row.
    My friend showed a flight attendant the boarding pass.
    But,she didn’t direct the annoying
    passenger to own seat.
    Nevertheless,to direct passengers to their seats is the basic work of flight
    The boarding pass indicated the seat reservation.
    It’s enough what the flight attendant to know.
    So,I think she is fail as a flight attendant on International Air Routes.
    Recently,some people that have no manner are mixed up anywhere.
    If some people have no manner as passengers on the air routes,the flight attendants have to be able to direct them.
    In this case,your explanation in Japanese looks helpful.
    How do you say something to the attendant for following up?
    You explained that we can say ” I think that she ( or he ) should..” than ” Could she ( or he ) please..?”.
    For example,we can say ” I think that she ( or he ) should confirm her ( or his ) seat reservation.” .
    This phrase is useful:
    ” I think that the passenger behind me should not push the back of my chair.” etc.
    It’s unbelievable,but there are some people that do not know each chair can be reclining in the flight after announcement
    to release the seat belt,nowadays.
    As you know,there are 2 or 3 seats at a row.
    Then,when our seats are not walkway side,it is better that we give one of them a piece of paper writting the message.
    However,I’ll go on board Business Class seat as a club member of the airline next time even though it is not so long hours flight.
    I’m a person,who needs comfortable environment anywhere.
    And,the quality of environment is decided not only by space,but by people’s
    personality there.
    If no one has such personality,it is better that there is a wall between we and them.
    Anyway,good traveling is one of my