EPSの意味とは、Earnings Per Shareの略


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EPSはEarnings Per Shareの略で、一株当たりの利益という意味になります。たとえば、一つの株の儲けの大きさを知りたい場合、ある会社の利益を株の数で割って、EPSが分かります。たとえば、

What is the EPS for this company?

The EPS is 5 dollars.

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  • Hi Luke,
    Understanding ” share ” is an easy way to
    understanding ” Earnings Per Share “.
    ” share ” is countable noun in Business English.
    It means share (in something) any of the units of equal value into which a company is divided and sold to raise money.
    ” Share ” on just a phrase ” share in something” means the general usage of ” share “.
    And, it is always in singular form.
    On the other hand,” share ” in the previous
    meaning as Business English can be used in also plural form.
    For example,
    ・People who own shares receive part of the company’s profits.
    ( Some more examples below )
    About its certificate,it’s ” a share certificate “.
    About expression for shares with company’s name, for example,” shares in British Telecom “.
    People who own shares is ” a shareholder ( or shareholders ) “.
    The price of units is ” share price “.
    ” Share Capital ” means the portion of a
    company’s equity that has been obtained by trading stock to a shareholder for cash.
    ” Company’s Equity ” means the value of a company’s shares;the value of a property after all charges and debts have been paid.
    Ultimately,” the property held by its company ” = ” The value of its shares “

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