cuzの意味とは becauseのくだけた英語


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Julie: Hey Alexa. You don’t look so good.
Alex: Yeah, I know. I guess it’s just cuz I’m getting stressed out about work.

Will: Why are there so many cockroaches in the house?
Michelle: I think it’s cuz of all the rain we’ve been getting.
ミシェル: 最近雨ばっか降ってるからかなぁ。


Why r u not coming tonight?
Cuz I have a cold.

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  • Hi Luke さん! what I would like to ask you is not relevant to today’s topic but I’m so curious about when someone says ” I’m done” and “I’ve done” and I have no adea of the difference between them.
    so I’m hoping to get some point by your explanation.
    Thank you!

  • Hi, Luke! I’ve been reading your articles with great interest.
    Related to today’s topics, let me ask a couple of questions.
    I see some people using “coz” in a similar way to “cuz.” Why there are such a variation?
    And, “cause” also sounds like an abbreviation of “because.” Is it better not to use “cause” in a formal situation?
    Thanks, Yuko

    • Hi Yuko,
      Yes, you are right. Both cuz and coz are quite informal words. I don’t think there is a big difference between them — just two different ways of saying the same word.

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