「bear」の意味とは 熊だけでなく沢山の意味を持つとても役立つ単語


こんにちは、イギリス生まれ・東京在住、英語教師で作家のLukeです。今週、僕が書いたオノマトペ(擬態語・語音後)についての本 が出版されました。是非チェックしてみて下さい!


We come bearing gifts for you.


I am carrying a gift for you.


The tree bears lots of juicy apples every year.

Their effort didn’t bear fruit.

つまり、「carry」と違って「bear」はものだけではなく、事柄に対しても使えるのです。例えば、「bear responsibility」というフレーズは責任があるという意味になります。

I bear no responsibility for your failings.

また、「bear a resemblance」というフレーズもよく耳にします。

I bear no resemblance to my mother.


I cannot bear that loud music!

It is difficult to bear such harsh winters.


Just bear left a little and you will see the station.

しかし、「bear, left!」と言われたら、絶対に左の方向に行かないほうが良いですよ。

Bear, left! Run!

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  • Hi Luke,
    This theme is so great!
    I’m looking for the meaning ‘from bearing ‘.
    I felt ‘from bearing’ is similar to the meaning ‘with the ​act of using something’,when I had a look at it in a sentence.
    So,I wanted to make sure that my feeling is certain.However, I just found out that there are many meanings about ‘bearing’ or ‘bear’ in some dictionaries and web sites for learning English included ones overseas.
    Additionally,’bearing’ looks like having a idiom added ‘from’. Nevertheless,it is hard to find
    out the meaning ‘from bearing’ in any
    dictionaries and so on. And,’from’ has also many meanings.
    Definitely,’bear’ has many meanings as you say.
    It doesn’t mean only ‘ teddy bear ‘,if the
    meaning is only so in Japan.
    The point would be the usage that ‘bear’ is used for also the meaning ‘carrying or bring
    something not physical’.
    Therefore,you can say below.
    ‘I bear no responsibility for your failings.’
    ‘I bear no resemblance to my mother.’
    I feel the situations are not passive in those sentences.
    For example,it is not ‘I’m not given the
    It’s feeling is ‘I have a opinion which I’d like to insist that I have no responsibility that has been brought to me.’.
    Or,’ I’m not gonna say I’m alike to my mother.The situation has not been brought to me.’
    I mean you’d like to say that ‘I don’t bring me the situation.’,right?
    Then,I think that you use ‘bear’ like so.
    Meanwhile, the meaning of its Japanese
    translations are similar to ‘ being ‘ in English than ‘bring somehting’ about ‘bear’.
    So,it’s hard to understand it.
    I mean you may have a thought that the
    situations are brought from outside of you.
    On the other hand,many Japanese may think the
    situations are dicided by own thoughts,how to think about it.
    The difference is also the reason that the word is hard to understand.
    From now on,the following explanation is my feeling that is not according to any dictionaries and so on,too.
    ‘We come bearing gifts for you.’
    ‘I am carrying a gift for you.’
    In the case of those two sentences,why you can’t say ‘ We are bearing gifts for you.’ as like ‘I am carrying a gift for you.’?
    I guess below.
    ‘We come | bearing gifts | .’ = ’We come | with the situation we have gifts |.’ =>| we & gifts |
    Think of some moer example.
    ‘Prohibited | from bearing guns |’= ‘Prohibited | the situation you have guns |’ =>| you & guns |
    ‘Complete | the letter from bearing your signature |.’ = ‘ Complete | the situation the letter has your signature |.’
    =>| the letter & the signature |

  • Let me correct the last time comment.
    Please be assured that.
    I was so relieved that ‘bearing’ is not idiom with ‘from’ after reviewing.So,extract ‘bearing’,when you read relevant sentences.
    After all,considering about that led me to deep understanding about ‘bearing’ and ‘bear’.

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