The Onion – 英語のニュースを楽しくする方法


今回、The Onion という英語のニュースのサイトをご紹介いたします。CNNで英語を勉強する日本人は多いと思いますが、真面目なニュースを毎日聞くのはあまり楽しくありません。「The Onion」は偽のニュースや大げさなニュースを掲載します。でも、使われているボキャブラリーや文法は通常のニュースと同じですので、より楽しみながら、英語を勉強出来ます。

The Onion のホームページ
The Onionはビデオも作っていますが、ニュースを読んでいる人は相当早口なので、僕は英語の記録を作りました。
The Onion の英語の記録は以下に書いてありました。
Anchorwoman: The State Department has announced that North Korean leader Kim Jong Il has agreed to suspend his country’s nuclear program in exchange for the lead role in the next batman movie. For more on this story let’s go now to our senior news correspondent Jane Carmichael. Jane what exactly led to this deal?
Correspondent: Well Brooke, it’s the result of six weeks of high level talks in Geneva that began after Kim Jong Il sent secretary of state Clinton several elaborate oil paintings he had made of himself in a batman outfit – a clear signal that he was ready to talk. Yes, that’s right but the negotiations were very contentious. Apparently at first, Kim said he would only shut down his reactors if he could play every part in the film. His spokesman conceded that point last week.
Interpreter: Gary Oldman and Morgan Freeman shall be allowed to participate in the film so that they may learn the glorious craft of acting from the dear leader. Now enjoy this special dance we have created to show the dear leader’s ascendancy to Batman.


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