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She is such a precious little thing.


The gold ring is one of his most precious possessions.

Lord of the Ringsという映画では、Gollumが求めている指輪を「my precious」という名前を付けます。あと、「Precious」という主人公が出てくる「Precious」という映画もあります。たまにアメリカでは「Precious」は名前として使われているからです。

The boy does precious little work.

There are precious few people who can save the earth.

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  • Hi Luke,
    ‘ Precious ‘ is usually used for ‘Precious
    metal’,especially Gold and ” Me :)”.
    You’ve known that on the movie,right?
    It is not about me but metal.I gess you can’t
    imagine the personarilty who I am,though.
    Okey.Let me(i.e precious one) explain about
    Precious metal.
    How precious is the precious metal?
    At the bigining,the quality of gold bullion is said as ‘ Carat ‘ in standard.
    Many Japanese people think ‘ Carat ‘ is only regarding ‘diamonds ‘.
    Please note that ‘ Carat ‘ is also used for measuring how pure gold is.
    If the metal is 100% gold bullion,it is 24 carats.However,The mint and its distributors don’t display 100% for refining process.
    So,24 carat summary is one of expression of the mesurements in standard for gold.
    On the point,many people are also misunderstanding as if 99.99% Pure gold is 24 Carats.The Gold bullion which we are able to buy or sell is not 24 Carats.Because,The purest gold is 99.99% Pure gold,we can buy or sell in actually.And,its ‘ Carat ‘ is ‘ 23.9976 Carats ‘.
    So,there are also another expressions for ‘Fineness of the Gold’ and those are often used.
    It is the expressions instead of saying ‘ What Carats is this? “. Then,We can say ‘ What
    Fineness is this ? ‘. It’s not ‘ What is this Fineness ? ‘ (i.e. If you don’t expect the responses ‘ It’s Carat’ or ‘ It’s Percentage’ and others ).
    First of all,there are 3 ways for fineness of the gold by using the numbers.
    1.) Percentage : expression as if it is part of a total which is 100
    2.) Per Thousand : expression as if it is part of a total which is 1000
    3.) Decimal : Decimal fraction (= a number less than one) that is shown as a point followed by the number of hundredths. When the Fineness is shown as Per Thousand, Decimal is aloso by Per Thousand.(= 999.9÷ 1000=.9999) 
    1.) 99.99%
    2.) 999.9
    3.) .9999
    Especially, 2.) is often used in Asian countries.And, 99.99% pure gold is most favorited.
    So,it is the primary case relatively that the fineness of 99.99% pure gold is expressed by using 2.) & 3.) and other things.
    Moreover,we have to take care of the usage of Decimal in English.
    Because,In Japan expression of Decimal is like this:” 0.9999 “,it is required to add ‘ Zero ‘ before ‘ Decimal point ‘. Meanwhile,In other countries,it is started with ‘ . ‘ which is a Decimal point. Do not pass without having a look at the small point,even if there is no ‘zero’ before that.
    Anyways,I guess some Japanese people will have told you ‘ Is this one 24-Gold? ‘ overseas.
    Therefore,some staffs in some gold shops overseas would have already known that Japanese people may say 99.99% pure gold as if ’24
    Carats’. How will they reply them? Probably,they will reply ‘ This gold nugget is 99.99% pure
    gold ‘ as Percentage ,it is 1.).
    But,it will be written ‘ 999.9 ‘,it is 2.) & ‘ .9999 ‘,it is 3.) on its receipt.
    And,there is one more expression about Fineness of Gold. It is ‘ Pronounce ‘ to state measuring below: 99.99% pure gold =’ Four Nines ‘.
    It is similar to ‘ Five stars ‘ on its usage.
    So,we can ask ‘ Is this Four Nines ? ‘ or ‘ Is the Fineness Four Nines ? ‘. It means ‘ Is this one 99.99% pure gold ? ‘.
    When you say ‘ Four Nines ‘,do not forget ‘ S ‘ of ‘ Nines ‘. Because,by Japanese-English,it is said ‘Four Nine’ sometimes.
    I who have learned previous things would be alright.

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