not more thanの意味とは


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not more than は最高でという意味になります。たとえば、「not more than 10」は最高で10までになります。「not more than three times」は「最高で三回まで」です。「not more than」の他、「no more than」とも言えます。

You may have no more than two pieces of cake.

not more thanは少し分かりにくい英語なので、日常会話でそれほど使いません。

We will deliver the package to you not more than two weeks from receipt of the order.

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  • Hi Luke,
    You explained some example sentences like this one.
    ‘ from receipt of the order’.
    I’d like to request you some more explanations
    of ‘receipt’ after ‘receipt’.
    In commerce,the customer buy something and pay for it.
    Meanwhile, the merchant or provider of some
    services receive payments.
    In the case,when you are the customer,what should you get except goods or services you have bought?
    It’s also ‘repeipt’.
    However,it is ‘a piece of paper’.
    We need it as a customer to prove we have paid for it and the provider of its services has received payments as the receipt shows the price.
    So, the receiver of the payments provides also the receipt to the customer who has paid for it.
    In US,people say it as also ‘sales slip’.
    I guess the reason below.
    Almost American people make payments by credit cards to by something.
    In Japan,how do we make payments?
    ・ By cash
    ・ Via transfer
    ・ By Credit card
    Then,how does it say that ‘a piece of paper’
    which we get it,when we pay by credit card?
    It is ‘the receipt’ or ‘a ​credit ​card
    However,it is a ‘Cardholder Copy of Credit Card Sales Slip’.
    The customer say ‘the repeipt’ and the merchant say ‘the sales slip’ to express the same thing,a piece of paper.
    It is ‘the sales slip’ before the customer’s
    signing on it.
    And,it is ‘the repeipt’ after the customer’s signing on it.
    Because,signing on it means acknowledgement for the payment of its price.
    It means that the merchant will receive the
    payment at the same time.
    So,the customer can get ‘the sales slip with signing’ as ‘the receipt’ that the merchant provides it.
    Then,I think we can say also like this.
    ‘ I keep a Cardholder copy of the receipt.’
    It would be better that we say what’s kind of the receipt.

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