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誰かを誘う時には、「would you like to」とよく言います。たとえば、友達をパーティーに誘おう時には、「Would you like to come to my party?」と言えます。「would you like to」を日本語にすると「したいですか」になります。「would you like to」は丁寧な英語で、誰にでも言えます。

Would you like to dance?

レストランではウエーターは注文を受ける時によく「would you like」と言います。

Would you like some coffee?

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  • では、why don’t you~?はどうなりますか?同じように勧誘になるのですか?違いはあるますか?would you likeとの違いは何でしょうか・あまり違いがないように思えるのですが・・・・・。

  • ‘Would you like some coffe?’ means just a suggestion.
    I understand that ‘How would you like bills?’ refers to the meaning below.
    ‘What kinds of note and kinds of coin would you like to exchange on your bank notes?’
    Meanwhile,I found another way to use the phrase and it’s explanation below by UK dictionary .
    ‘ how would you like…?’ said to ​suggest that someone would not like to be in a ​situation ​experienced by someone ​else.
    Is it sarcastic way of the phrase?
    How + would you like = also Informal bad nuance of meaning?

  • ネイティブの方に、”Would you ever want to~?”、”Would you want to~?”と言われたのですが、
    Would you like to~?と同じように考えてよいのでしょうか?
    Would you ever want to~?のようにeverが入るとニュアンス的にはどのようになるのでしょうか?

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