TOEICのクイズ 3


こんにちは、イギリス生まれ・東京在住、英語教師で作家のLukeです。今週、僕が書いたオノマトペ(擬態語・語音後)についての本 が出版されました。是非チェックしてみて下さい!


  1. Cats are ______ dogs.
  2. It is not understood _________ be good for your health.
  3. _____ that Stonehenge was built for religious purposes.
  4. While many college students like to play frisbee, ______ do not.
  5. Never before _______ as rapidly as during the last century.
  6. ______ the weather, I managed to get to the top of the mountain.
  7. None of the kids _____ a pet.
  8. After the baby cries, ________ sleepy.
  9. Once the War of Independence had been won, America _________ to become an independent country.
  10. ____ the Romans, iron working was prevalent throughout Europe.



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  • Hello, Luke. I have tried those questions. Please let me ask one question about the number three. Is it inappropriate to say “it is considered to S V”?

  • Hi, Luke. I practice everyday conversation in English. Is it useful to study for TOEIC toward daily conversation? Some people say TOEIC is unique in a certain sense. If you don’t mind, let me know your idea. Thanks in advance.

  • I scored 8/10.
    I answered wrong at 3 and 7.
    As Nana says, I think the answer to the Q3 is “It is considered.” Maybe British people prefer “It is thought”?
    As for 7, the verb has to comply with “None,” not “kids” sothe answer has to be “has.” I answered this wrong but now Iunderstand why I was wrong.
    3はNanaさんの言うようにit is considered が答えではないかと思いました。

    • I adapted all these questions from real TOEIC questions, so I don’t think any of them are wrong.
      According to the company that runs the TOEIC, “none” can only be used with the singular “has”. However, many sources say that none can be used with both the singular and plural. Therefore both b and c are correct. However, when taking the TOEIC only C is correct.
      Question 3 is quite difficult. For everyday English “considered” would be fine. However, for the TOEIC “considered” means “think about” and therefore cannot be used with “that”.
      I hope that answers your question.

      • Thank you very much for the detailed explanation, Luke.
        So, it’s not about the difference between British English and American English.
        I know my English reading experience is limited,especially compared to native English speakers, but somehow, “It is considered” sounds most natural to me.
        I was less familiar with “It is thought” structure than “It is considered”, but now I think I understand how it’s used.
        Thank you.

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