著者のLukeについてのページはこちらです。 11月に「さすが! 」は英語でなんと言う? という新しい本が出版されます! 



こんにちは、筆者のLuke Tunnicliffeです。僕はアメリカとイギリスのハーフで、現在東京で翻訳の仕事をしています。生まれてから13年間をイギリスで過ごし、アメリカに越して11年間生活をした後日本に来ました。イギリス、アメリカ、日本で経験した様々なことをこのサイトに生かし、皆さんにお届けしたいと思っています。日本人の人柄と和食、そして日本語が好きなのでまだまだ日本にいるつもりです!皆さんこれからもよろしくお願いします。 新着記事を読みたい方は、ぜひ英語 with Lukeをフォローして下さいね。

スラング 英会話のガイド


  • uni says:

    It was difficult to me(for me? on me?)

  • オカマちゃん says:

    Hi Luke!!
    It’s my first time to leave a message in here.
    The quiz you made is really good and helpful!! I always have difficulty choosing other or another when I write email.

    My understanding is that

    1. the other
    Use when you choose one of two choices.
    ex) I bought two bags. One is for me and the other is for you.

    2. another
    Use when you choose one of more than two (exclusive)
    ex) I will choose the pink one so please choose another color, such as red, yellow etc.

    Is “another” almost same as “any other”?
    ex) I know you play the piano very well. How about another musical instrument?

    3. other
    Use when I mention unspecified numbers of staff / people
    ex 1.) The only vegetable I don’t eat is carrot. I eat other vegetables (others).
    ex 2.) This area is exclusively for those who purchased the ticket only. Others, please queue up in that line.

    Is my understanding correct?!?!

    • Luke says:

      Hi Okamachan,
      I think that is a very good explanation. Of course, there are always going to be exceptions. But you seem to have it down.

  • ととりん。 says:

    I have something confused between “the other” and “another”.
    Imagine the situation at the case, and the left is defined, choose “the other”, and the left is not defined but not the only one, choose another. Is it correct definition to choose these words? What the difference between them? If you have some explanation, please let me know about it.

  • uni says:

    Thank you
    the other(s) は分かるのですが(残る一つ、ですよね?)
    other と another の区別がスッキリしません。
    Could you please write explanations about it, If you have spare time.

  • russel says: